Core Policies

General Info

Consumables and animals: Core users are required to provide their own animals and must have a valid animal protocol.


Animal Use Protocols: All treatments and housing conditions of animal subjects must comply with the terms of a valid animal use protocol. Quarantine animals may not enter core facilities. Animals or agents that are biohazards may not be used in the core facilities. Please contact the core director for alternatives.

Moving Animals to Kennedy

Location of Studies: Currently, all studies are conducted in the Kennedy Center. In some cases, it may feasible or preferable to conduct experiments in another facility. In this case, contact core staff for help and fee structures.

Transfer forms: Individual experimenters are responsible for transfer of their own animals. Transfer forms are available from the Animal Institute (in person or on the web site). The animals remain under the same protocol and PI. 

Animals should be transferred at least 1 weeks (but preferably 2 weeks) prior to the start of the experiment. Animals remain under the PI’s protocol number and name. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that ALL animals have been transferred and that the transfer takes place at least 1 week prior to the start of behavioral testing.


It is highly recommended that a pilot study be conducted with your specific strain, age , sex and treatments to establish the parameters of each test (such as stimulus intensities, testing durations, delay times, etc).


The fees (or % effort) applies to normal working days and hours. If core staff are required to work weekends, overtime or holidays, these charged at double the agreed rate, unless this rate has been expressly waived.

Reserving Space

You may sign up for space using the web-based sign up calendar.

Before reserving space, please ensure that you meet all the following criteria:

  • You are covered by a valid animal protocol
  • You have filled out a core user form
  • You have made an iLabs request and filled out a Core User form

Space is often very tight. Please book space before doing surgeries, ordering animals etc, to avoid disappointment.