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The Animal Behavior Core provides staff, expertise, equipment and dedicated testing space supporting an extensive range of assays for evaluation of rodent behavior in all behavioral domains.  These include rigorous, well-validated and reproducible tests of function of cognitive, emotional, social, sensory, motor and reproductive outcomes.

These include established highly translational and high-throughput assays and custom assays to assist in hypothesis-driven research and directed experiments.

There is also support for experimental design, data mining and statistical analysis to facilitate fully powered experiments and acquisition of rigorous, quality controlled and reproducible behavioral data.

Training is facilitated with easy to follow standard operating protocols, banks of training materials, and one-to-one instruction and validation of scoring.

We also maintain historical data generated from commonly used strains to guide the choice of parameters and design variables and archives of information regarding age and sex differences.

For additional information about the services and support provided by the Animal Behavior Core, see our Assays Overview or Contact Us.